We're all together in this. We're all reaching. Grasping. Netting. Saving people for later. Not always full. Not sleepy or awake enough. Ranking our misgivings. Holding off, or out. Shivering inside. Beaming inside. Harboring the stars under our eyes. Cranking up the heat. Wearing it for show. Wanting someone to care. Calculating distances. Hoping for a chance or a riddle. Thanking god even when we don't believe in it. Wondering about time. About where this or that road goes. About death. About how to get here, or there. How to balance on our toes. Slipping. Climbing back up for more. Getting slapped in the face. Acting proud. Being humble. Forgetting. Observing. Getting or not getting what we need. Wishing for fantastical scenes from a movie. Getting our hopes up. Shaking vulnerability. Throwing stones into the water, into the water fountain. Creating semblences. Fearful. Letting people down. Losing people. Shifting under the weight. Growing out our hair. Growing out of shoes, out of lovers. Weary of situations. Questions. What will happen if we stay. Will it be all right if we go. What's our specialty. What's the special of the day. Will we get accustomed. Will we color in the black and whites. When will it slow down. Do we want it to slow down. Can we face ourselves when it slows down. Thinking too much. Picking apart our hearts. Avoiding cracks in sidewalks. In people. In glasses. Trying not to stumble. Tipping things over. Accidentally seeing things. Reading minds. Getting lost in other peoples lives. Putting other people first. Taking care of ourselves. Pretending like we know where we're going. Dressing up. Throwing it on. Looking in the mirror. Sneaking glances of everyone in the room. Wishing someone would just hold our hand. Misunderstanding. Being misunderstood. Getting our feelings hurt. Giving too much. Wanting to take it back. Put it under the bed. Fold it. We're all considering. Blowing it. Rising to the challenge. Finding treasures under our breath. Writing it down. Stirring it. Straightening it out. For better or worse or better again. For the love of the way we pronounce it, of the girl next door, upstairs, in the bottom of our stomachs. We're all just here. And that's beautiful too.